Top 5 Ozone Generator – Review of the Top Ozone Generators in 2021

The job of removing unpleasant odors has become pleasantly easy. The technology behind the ozone generators allows you to do the job quickly and efficiently on your own.

An ozone generator produces ozone that provides safe and effective treatment of microorganisms, without the use of chemicals.

Different ozone machines have many of the same functions and are used in the same way. However, the biggest difference is the area it will cover, hence there will be a slight difference in weight and size. With an ozone generator, you can effectively remove odors, bacteria, viruses, mold spores and allergens.

In this test, you will find different ozone generators for different needs, i.e., you will need a more powerful machine to clean a hotel than for a caravan.

Our favorites


  • Price: $199
  • For areas up to 300 sq ft
  • Delivered with a money-back satisfaction guarantee

  • Price: $249
  • For areas up to 500 sq ft
  • Delivered with a money-back satisfaction guarantee

  • Price: $399
  • For areas up to 1000 sq ft
  • Delivered with a money-back satisfaction guarantee

Top 5 Generators of 2021:


Osmozone 10 000
The Osmozone 10000 helps you remove all kinds of persistent odors and comes ready to use. It is a small and lightweight ozone generator, weighing only 2.3 kg, and is able to cover relatively large areas. With a very competitive price, this is one of the best ozone machines on the market.

Osmozone 5000
The Osmozone 5000 effectively removes all types of annoying odors. This is a very small and user-friendly ozone generator best suited for smaller areas. The Osmozone 5000 is also one of the most affordable ozone generator on the market that is being sold by a reputable company. It is simple to use and very efficient for use in cars, apartments or boats.

Osmozone 20 000
The Osmozone 20000 has a capacity of 1000 sq ft and is suitable for both houses and cottages, as well as restaurants, hotels and other large areas. With a lightweight and compact design, you can use the ozone generator virtually anywhere.

Osmozone 40 000
This is one of the most advanced models on the market. It can be used for almost any use case, and is the most powerful machine in our test. Instead of using plates, this machines uses tube which makes it last up to twice as long as other models we’ve tested.

Osmozone 10 000 – Top Rated in 2021


The Osmozone 10000 is the clear test winner of ozone machines. Osmozone is a US-based company that specializes in producing high quality ozone generators. The Osmozone 10000 is by far the best machine, and at a reasonable price. Not only is it affordable, but it also covers rooms up to 500 sq ft and so it covers the needs of a normal household. As a lightweight machine, weighing only about 5 lbs, with a capacity of 10,000 mg/h, this is all you need for private use. Its dimensions of 9x7x6.5″ makes it easy to move around the house. Its modest size also makes it easy to store, which is especially useful if you want to use it in small areas such as in a caravan or a boat.

The Osmozone 10000 is well suited for removing mold and mold odors. If you have not been in the cabin for a while, moisture can easily form in the walls. This can create an unpleasant odor, at the same time as the mold can spread.

There can be many reasons why you need an ozone generator. In addition to mold in the walls, there may be an odor of chemicals in the garage, or simply a heavy pungent smell in the house when you have been away for a while. This ozone machine is easy to use. All you need to do is put it in the room you wish to clean and plug it into the socket. For the next two hours, the machine will clean the air in the room and remove unwanted and unpleasant odors.

Osmozone 5000 – Cost-effective and Smart


The Osmozone 5000 is a winner on price and one of the best ozone machines on the market. Osmozone is an american company that specializes in producing high quality ozone machines.

It has half the capacity compared to its big brother, the Osmozone 10000, and is therefore suitable for smaller areas. With a capacity of 300 sq ft it is suitable for cleaning unpleasant odors in caravans, boats and cars. You can also use it in smaller rooms such as a cottage and sauna. The machine only weighs 3,5lbs with a size of 7x7x6″. This makes it easy to move around and easy to store.

The Osmozone 5000 makes it easy to get a clean and fresh scent in your car or apartment.

The ozone generator basically removes all types of odors such as from pets, smoke and mold. If you are going to use it in the car, close all the doors and windows, and place the ozone machine in the center of the car for about an hour. You can also clean the air conditioning system in the car with the ozone machine. After treatment is complete, leave the windows and doors open for a minimum of 30 minutes after a 60-minute treatment.

Ozone is degraded fairly quickly, and ozone odor residues will disappear by themselves. The entire process should be done outdoors in fresh air. For best results, it is recommended to  vacuum and wash the interior thoroughly before starting the cleansing. The Osmozone 5000 is easy to use. Plug it into the power outlet and leave it where nothing is in the way of the device.

Osmozone 20 000 – Powerful & Easy-to-use


Osmozone is an american company with a focus on delivering innovative and modern products at a reasonable price. The Osmozone 20000 ozone generator is one of these products, and one of the most powerful ozone machines available on the market. The machine fills the entire room with ozone and attacks the source of bad odors. The top model, Osmozone 20000, can be used for commercial purposes on entire floors or houses.

The machine has a capacity of 1000 sq ft and is suitable for both houses and cabins as well as restaurants, hotels and other large areas such as conference rooms and schools. Machines of 20,000 mg ozone production contain a larger fan and are able to sterilize more square meters during each treatment. It eliminates virtually all unpleasant odors such as cigarette smoke, pet odors, paint, chemicals, mold, food odors and other airborne odors.

This industrial/commercial ozone machine has a portable design and requires little maintenance. With a size of 10x7x6″, it is easy to store. A light and compact design means you can use the ozone generator virtually anywhere. The ozone machine has a portable handle and non-slip rubber feet, making it safe and secure when in use.

Compared to a regular air purifier, an ozone generator will produce ozone that fills the room and removes all bad odors. An air purifier only has the fan that picks up odors and air through a filter. The impurities in the air are then stuck in the filter. This is why you only need to use an ozone generator once in a while, while air purifiers need to be used frequently.

Osmozone 40000 – Advanced & Powerful


In fourth place in our test, we have a super powerful ozone generator for professional use. With as much as 40,000 mg/h ozone output, this is by far the most powerful model in the test. It can be used for treating entire homes, as well as for proffesionals who wants to use it in their line of work. The machine has an LCD sceen with a remote control to make it as easy as possible to use. It uses tube ozone and is one of the most advanced ozone machines on the market today. With the Quartz Tube, it has never been easier to get a clean and fresh smell in a house or car.

Compared to the other ozone machines, this is somewhat larger, comming it at just under 15 lbs. This makes it the most expensive ozone generator in our test.

Why should you invest in an ozone machine?

To understand how an ozone generator works, it is wise to look at the scientific process. Ozone is similar to oxygen, but is still very different. Ozone is unhealthy and can be harmful in some situations. You can use an ozone machine for many different purposes. Unpleasant and unwanted odors are difficult to remove with a regular wash, but this is where an ozone machine can help you. There may be an unpleasant smell of smoke in your house, or a scent from mold that sits in the walls.

Ozone generators are designed to produce ozone which is used to purify the air. When ozone is present indoors or low in the terrain, it can be harmful and can cause respiratory problems. Ozone from the ozone machine attaches to dust particles and other pollutants and removes it from the air.

An ozone generator helps you prevent the spread of infection as it sterilizes bacteria. This also applies to fungal spores and viruses. It is the fungal spores that spread mold and create the typical bad odor associated with mold. In these cases, the ozone generator can be the solution as long as the mold spread is not too deep in the material.

The ozone generator improves air quality and can be a great solution for those who struggle with irritated airways, asthma or allergies. If you have worked with chemicals or perhaps refurbished the house with paint, the machine will help to cleanse the pungent smell. It will also remove spills from chemicals or strong odors that, for example, a broken bottle of perfume can cause.

It does not have to be about toxic chemicals or harmful mold odor. The machine can also clean a room with a trapped odor that is difficult to remove in other ways. Maybe the cabin has not been used for a while and has been empty for too long.
It will also help clean the air if you have been unlucky with the stove which has formed a layer of smoke in the room. Smells from food such as an old fryer or meat often spread throughout the house and can sit for many days. Not to mention the smell of smoke from cigarettes. The ozone machine can help you get the fresh and clean air back.

If you love to go camping or want fresh air in the car, you can get a small generator. For larger areas such as a hotel or business space, an industrial generator is the best choice. For a normal household, though, a medium-sized ozone generator works perfectly.

Pros and cons of an ozone generator

When acquiring an ozone generator, safety should always be a priority. Be sure to read the manufacturer’s safety warnings for proper use before using the machine. Although an ozone machine can be safely used in many different situations, it can cause disease in both humans and animals. The most important thing is to never run an ozone generator in a room with living things. This also includes flowers and plants.

Here is an overview of both advantages and disadvantages that can come with an ozone generator. This way, you can choose what value such a machine can have for you and what precautions you should take.


  1. An ozone machine improves air quality and cleans odors that are difficult to get rid of during normal washing
  2. It can prevent the smell and spread of mold in the walls 
  3. The machine is easy to use and can remove viruses and bacteria in the air
  4. An ozone generator is safe when used according to the manufacturer’s recommendations 
  5. It is economical to use and has a long service life during normal usage
  6. There are machines of different sizes and price ranges that cover most needs 
  7. An ozone generator cleanses the air of spills such as chemicals, perfumes, cigarette smoke and strong food odors


  1. Exposure to high levels of ozone can harm both humans and pets
  2. Ozone can, over time, lead to damage to rubber and gaskets
  3. The machine can become expensive with frequent use
  4. You cannot be in the room where the machine is in use
  5. There is no guarantee that all particles and all odors will disappear completely

Our criteria

Finding the right ozone machine can be a bit difficult. Every manufacturer will claim that their device is the ideal one. Therefore, it may be worthwhile to read the information you get from genuine product reviewers and feedback from other users.

In this test, we have looked at a number of properties of ozone generators where price, ease of use and safety are some of the criteria.

Of course, we should not forget the price and the guarantee. It is not always the best choice to buy the cheapest device, but you also do not need to get the largest and most expensive machine if there is no need for it.


How easy is the ozone machine to use? It’s simple; the machine only needs to be connected to a power outlet. We have also looked at the settings and how the machines are maintained. There are several reasons why you should consider the size of your machine. For example, if you want to use it for several rooms in a large house, you must constantly move it from one room to another. A large machine can then be impractical.


In our test, safety is, of course, an important factor. Safety is especially important for an electrical device that is left unattended for a long time.

It is therefore recommended to use a timer. Once the machine has cleaned the room, wait for half an hour to an hour to ensure that the oxygen level returns to normal.

It is useful to preset the timer and return when the room is safe. Some ozone machines come with this external feature and can be controlled via a smartphone.


The test also assesses where the ozone generator is suitable to use, and how large an area it can cover.

Mg/h determines how efficient the machine is and how large an area it covers.

Ozone generators with lower mg/h are best suited for small rooms in addition to boats, cars and caravans. For larger areas, such as hotels and schools, you should use a machine with a higher mg/h.

We also consider how efficient the machine is, how long it lasts, and how much time the treatment takes.